School Summer Holidays: 9 Things We're Secretly Dreading

Peppa Pig.

The school summer holidays are here once again and, if we’re honest, that isn’t something that makes all parents feel completely jubilant at the thought of spending a mammoth six weeks with the little darlings.

Although we pine for our kids when we leave them in the playground every morning, there is something so daunting about being a parent during the school holidays.

The expectations, the stress, and the inevitable disappointment that they don’t get to spend six weeks at Disneyland.

Here are the things we are already bracing ourselves for.

1. Needing to plan an extensive list of cultural activities.

2. Spending a year’s wages on snacks to keep your ravenous children at bay.

3. Having to lock yourself in the toilet to scroll through Facebook in peace.

4. The house looking like a bomb site for the foreseeable future.

5. Talking to the Tesco deliver driver for longer than is socially acceptable just for adult conversation.

6 .Having to keep the children from stabbing each other with a storm trooper.

7. The summer TV schedule being dictated by a three-year-old tyrant who has a preference for Paw Patrol.

8. No childcare, ever.

9. Despite all that, you still know you’ll make memories and will secretly be disappointed when they go back to school.