Everything You Need In Your Wardrobe When It's Summer But The Weather Didn't Get The Memo

Where's the sun at?

The British weather is testing our stylish spirits.

Whilst the rest of the Northern hemisphere is basking in July’s sunshine, we are battling with Monica-frizz-levels of humidity and ALL the rain.

We’re convinced summer is just around the corner (FYI if it doesn’t happen we’re all relocating to Spain), but for the meantime we are still dealing with four seasons on a daily basis.

Here’s the only items getting us through these muggy, muggy days.

1. White Jeans

White jeans say - I’m meant to be on the French Riviera - but mean you don’t have to shave your legs when it’s not even sunny.

2. Trench Coat

The ultimate lightweight jacket, perfect for emergency Tube removal.

3. Tailored Suit

Making a casual summer t-shirt into an outfit suitable for the office air conditioning - which is obviously turned on regardless of the temperature.

4. Converse

Although they don’t cope well with a downpour, this patchy rain is their natural environment.

5. Full-Length Skirt

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Another leg-shaving saviour.

6. Band Knits

If we’re going to have to wear wool, let’s at least make it snazzy.

7. Shirt Dress

The perfect layering item, over and under everything for those weeks when the weather just won’t make up it’s mind.

8. Backless Loafers

Keep your feet cool and dry. Win win situation.

9. Anything Gingham

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No reason. Just because.

10. Sunglasses

Because no matter the weather, they hide a hangover perfectly.