04/06/2017 16:40 BST | Updated 04/06/2017 17:32 BST

Surrey Man Cycles 34km To Deliver Water Bottles To London Bridge Attack Police

"Just trying to do something good for once."

A man living in Surrey cycled 34km so he could deliver water to police working during the London Bridge attack.

Paul Ashworth, who lives in Esher, said he just “wanted to help”, so decided to buy water bottles from local stores and ferry them to working officers.

He told HuffPost UK:

“I’ve cycled to come and give police and other services some water. I can only carry about six bottles in each bag so about 12 bottles a time.

“The police are amazingly grateful, but what’s a bottle of water for the lives they save?

“Everyone should do what they can do really.”

Seven people have been killed and at least 48 injured after a van ploughed into pedestrians on London Bridge and multiple suspects rampaged with knives in what appeared to be a coordinated attack on the capital on Saturday.