04/01/2017 13:52 GMT

Susanna Reid Defends Janet Jackson After Piers Morgan Implies She's Too Old To Have A Baby

Morgan said it's different to men having kids at 50.

Susanna Reid came to Janet Jackson’s defence when Piers Morgan implied the popstar was too old to have her first child at 50.

The 46-year-old ‘Good Morning Britain’ host was shocked when Morgan said it was okay for a man to have his first child at that age, but not a woman.

After Reid asked Morgan how old he was when his daughter was born, Morgan replied: “46, but I’m a man.”

“And that makes a difference how?” questioned Reid.

“Seeing the old blokes on the school gates, no one seems to mind. When women are like 70 they’re like: ‘Why has granny come?’ It’s just a fact,” replied Morgan. 


Morgan, 51, added: “Let me rephrase the question, do you think it’s a good thing for people to become mums at 50?”

“Well I think why not, actually,” replied Reid. “I wouldn’t rule it out.”

Some viewers of ‘Good Morning Britain’ took to Twitter to express that they were on Reid’s side. 

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