Susanna Reid Shuts Down Piers Morgan Over Social Media Politics Complaint

🙄 🙄 🙄

Susanna Reid had a lot to get off her chest in Wednesday’s (28 June) ‘Good Morning Britain’, after she noted one of Piers Morgan’s daily gripes had taken a rather hypocritical turn.

The team was discussing politics on social media, when Piers remarked that he was fed up of his Facebook feed turning into a forum for political discourse.

He fumed: “I get annoyed when people start banging on about politics on Facebook. I’ve had to unfriend family members, because it’s like I can’t… I need some respite.

“Can’t you just put a picture up of your kid having an ice cream or something?”

<strong>Susanna's face says it all</strong>
Susanna's face says it all

Audibly laughing to herself throughout his rant, Susanna then sighed: “I know exactly what you mean.

“When someone just keeps going on and on and on… and you just need respite. And you just wish you could defriend them... but you’re just forced everyday to listen to their views. I know exactly how you feel.”

Somehow, we don’t think she’s venting about Ben Shephard.

Despite her occasional on-air and social media clashes with her co-presenter, Susanna has insisted that she and Piers do get on behind the scenes at ‘Good Morning Britain’.

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