Wayward Swan Causes Traffic Chaos In Manchester

This swan has no regard for your morning commute.

A rogue swan caused a traffic nightmare in Manchester city centre on Monday, as it slowly sauntered along a main road with no regard for the people stuck behind.

The strolling bird left morning travellers at a standstill on Great Ancoats Street at around 10am.

Joe Daly, who captured the footage of the cheeky avian, told the Manchester Evening News: "I'd just left the flat and I saw it walking down the road.

"It looked really lost and was just walking straight down the middle of the road really slowly. It didn't seem aware of anything that was going on around it.

"All the drivers were really patient and considerate, those who could get round it made sure they did really slowly.

"It eventually crossed onto the opposite side of the road. I called the police so they could come and make sure it was okay and didn't get hurt."

The animal is thought to have wandered away from the Rochdale Canal, which runs underneath Great Ancoats Street.

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