Brother Shares Adorable Text From His Sister Who Doesn't Understand How Swearing Works

Too much😂

We might be potty-mouthed adults, but there was a time when we wouldn’t dream of saying a naughty word. Especially in front of our family.

The idea of swearing in the presence of our parents or siblings was definitely frowned upon. Although sometimes our definition of what exactly constituted a ‘naughty’ word may have been a little misguided.

Now one brother has shared an adorable text from his 11-year-old sister with the best example of faux-swearing ever.

Cameron Valle from Dallas, US, uploaded the screenshot of a conversation with younger-sibling Christen, after she deliberately asterisked the word ‘password’.

When he asked her why she had included the stars, she replied: “Because it has a bad word in it.”

Better safe than sorry right.