Sweaty Betty Sale – Our Pick Of The Best Activewear Bargains

Get set for January.

You may have only worn your activewear to slob in front of the TV and eat chocolate this December (stretchy waist bands 4eva), but January means we get our asses in gear again and start to workout. And what better motivation than a new gym kit – at sale price.

Sweaty Betty sales make the otherwise mega expensive activewear brand more affordable, with many items up to 50% off (with further discounts from 2 January onwards). After all you’ve spent on everyone else, isn’t it time to treat yo’self?

Here’s our pick of the best on offer – think print, print and more print.


Known for its bold prints, the Sweaty Betty sale does not disappoint as far as leggings and shorts are concerned. From reversible yoga leggings with jelly fish print to funky orange gym ball leggings, these will certainly make an impact in the gym studio. Check out the brand’s bum-sculpting zero gravity leggings that lift in all the right places.

Reversible Yoga Leggings, £32.00 (was £80.00)

Zero Gravity Crop Run Leggings, £59.00 (was £85.00)

Power 7/8 Leggings, £45.00 (was £90.00)

Reversible 7/8 Yoga Leggings, £40.00 (was £80.00)

Interval Run Shorts, £25.00 (now £50.00)


You could just wear a grubby old t-shirt to work out in or you could up your game to one of these stylish pieces. I particularly love the navy “superhero” vest with orange trim and the “hiit happens” sweatshirt. Also, the silk khaki bomber is for wearing to and from the gym. Necessary? No. Gorgeous? Yes.

Flow Cropped Rib Trim Vest, £20.00 (now £40.00)

Namaska Padded Yoga Vest, £35.00 (now £50.00)

Compound Vest, £28.00 (was £40.00)

Crew Neck Fashion Sweat, £25.00 (was £85.00)

Luxe Cargo Satin Jacket, £62.00 (was £125.00)

Sports Bras

I could drone on all day about how important it is to get a decent sports bra. Not only one that fits properly, but make sure it has enough support to match the impact level of your workout. Sweaty Betty’s are graded from low to high impact, so you’ll know which is best suited to you. Just don’t try running in a yoga bra, OK?

Infinity Workout Bra, £25.00 (was £50.00)

Stamina Workout Bra, £24.00 (was £35.00)


Whether swimming, surfing or (ahem) lounging by the pool, make sure you look the part. This tropical wetsuit puts the fun in functional.

Dolphin Swimsuit, £30.00 (was £60.00)

Drift Wetsuit, £62.00 (was £125.00)


It’s easier to spend money on statement pieces such as leggings or a bright sports bra, than it is to fork out for the accessories, which are necessary but don’t feel quite as fun. Bagging these items in the sale will make the purchase seem less of a chore.

Barre Gripper Socks, £8.00 (was £12.00)

All Sport Backpack, £59.00 (now £85.00)

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