12/09/2017 09:16 BST

Ted Cruz Roasted After 'Liking Harcore Porn' On Twitter

'Who knew Ted Cruz was a porn again Christian.'

US Senator Ted Cruz was trending on Monday night, for all the wrong reasons.

While Americans were commemorating the 16th anniversary of the 9/11 attacks that claimed nearly 3,000 lives, Cruz, or whoever had access to his Twitter account “liked” a hardcore porn video.

Not surprisingly, the endorsement did not go unnoticed with Twitter users quick to make fun of the irony of the Christian politician appearing to like adult material. 

“Who knew Ted Cruz was a Porn Again Christian,” one commenter wrote. 

The clip, which appeared in Cruz’s likes, was from an account called “Sexuall Posts” and contained a 2:20 segment of a video from the adult video website Reality Kings. The account that posted the video promised “Full-Length HD Porn Posted Every Day”. 

Cruz’s office has not yet responded to a request for comment but the Like disappeared early on Tuesday and his communications director tweeted that it had been removed.

Sexuall Posts later added ”@TedCruz’s Favorite Porn Account” to its bio and thanked the senator for supporting their account. 

The timing of the incident, on the anniversary of the attacks on the Trade Centre and Pentagon, did not sit well with Cruz’s fellow Americans. 

Some commenters, however, thought the incident made Cruz more “relatable”, while others questioned why no one from his team had informed him before the embarrassment became well known. 

Some how US Vice President Mike Pence also found himself in the firing line.