Ted Cruz

The Texas Republican storms off when questioned about gun control, telling Mark Stone of Sky News: "I’m sorry you think American exceptionalism is awful."
Once again, Ted Cruz is causing a scene at the airport and this time, it was because he missed his initial flight.
The Texas senator's own history with Donald Trump gets an uncomfortable spotlight.
Prominent politicians have lavished praise on Trump, just weeks after damning him.
And Twitter users let former President Donald Trump's son know all about it.
US senator slammed after photos show him en route to Cancun amid emergency at home.
US Congress member Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has spoken to her followers on Instagram about her experience during the Capitol Insurrection, when Trump supporters stormed the government building to show that they believed the election was “stolen”. Ocasio-Cortez revealed during the Instagram Live that she was a survivor of sexual assault, but the storming of the building had led to “trauma compounding trauma.”
The Jimmy Kimmel Live! host revisited an old segment to troll Ted Cruz.
Arrrr! Texas senator warns of space pirates, then complains about the inevitable jokes.