Ted Cruz

Critics are giving the Texas senator a blunt reminder of his own history.
The former president told another whopper after winning the Republican caucuses.
"Should someone tell him?” one commenter taunted the Republican's admiration for the shortest-serving British prime minister.
The Lose Cruz PAC's montage ends with an awkward comment from the Donald Trump-devoted senator.
The Texas senator was caught sharing more misinformation on social media.
Trump has sweeping plans to give himself more power if reelected, but some members of his own party are indicating they're not on board.
The Texas senator keeps bringing up his infamous Mexico trip during the state's 2021 record-cold temperatures, where more than 200 people died.
The Texas Republican storms off when questioned about gun control, telling Mark Stone of Sky News: "I’m sorry you think American exceptionalism is awful."
Once again, Ted Cruz is causing a scene at the airport and this time, it was because he missed his initial flight.
The Texas senator's own history with Donald Trump gets an uncomfortable spotlight.