Ten Things I Hate About Hotels

I love hotels and would probably stay in them all them all the time if I could but there are certain basics that I wish every hotel would take into account.
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Ok, maybe hate is too strong a word but here are 10 things that really irk me about hotels. Don't get me wrong. I love hotels and would probably stay in them all them all the time if I could but there are certain basics that I wish every hotel would take into account.

1. No Wi-fi or expensive/slow Wi-fi

It's 2017 – for goodness' sake. All hotels should offer complimentary wi-fi and it should be fast unless the place specifically markets itself as a place where you are disconnected from technology in which case you can have an electronics detox.

2. Not enough electrical sockets

This is the electronics age. Everyone has multiple devices that need to be charged - in my case, we need enough sockets for a family of four. My husband and I carry multiple devices and my kids have their own devices too. And we're always short of electric sockets. Every hotel room should have sufficient sockets in convenient locations. No climbing under beds or moving furniture to look for them. The more modern hotels have USB charge ports. Some of those are great too.

3. Unfriendly staff and those who don't know how to smile

There are just too many of these people around – in hotels. Friendly staff can make or break your stay – no matter how luxurious the hotel is. It can be quite deflating to be welcomed at a hotel you've been looking forward to – by a surly face. My view is - If you don't know how to smile or be friendly you shouldn't be working in the hospitality industry.

4. Early breakfast that ends at 9am

Yes, some hotels have this. You're on holiday – why on earth would you want to wake up so early? Personally, when I'm on holiday, I personally prefer to have a later breakfast, skip lunch and have an earlier supper.

5. Early check out and/or late check in

I've been to hotels that only allow check-in from 4pm and require you to check out by 10am. How much time do you end up spending there then and how much time do they need to clean the room? You end up feeling like you've been shortchanged – especially on a one-night stay.

6. Bathrooms

I hate it when towels are placed on a rail over the toilet. I just imagine all the germs from the toilet being splashed all over the clean towels. When I walk into a bathroom and I see this, the first thing I do is take all the extra towels into the bedroom and place them in the wardrobe.

7. No blackout curtains

I don't want to be woken up at the crack of dawn by light streaming into my room or be kept up till late at night by city lights.

8. Centrally controlled temperature

I often feel cold in hotel rooms and have to bundle on the layers - because the temperature is centrally controlled. One person's idea of a comfortable temperature is not the same as another. Even my husband and I disagree on a comfortable temperature. I like to be in charge of my room temperature.

9. Windows into the bathroom from the bedroom

Whoever thinks its romantic to watch your partner in the toilet, is out of touch with reality. Every hotel room should have a private place to retreat to - especially when it comes to doing your business! If you must have a window, at least give guests the option of closing it with blinds.

10. Insufficient storage space

I don't like living out of a suitcase. I want to be able to unpack my clothes, pack my suitcase in a corner and feel like I'm in a home away from home. Give me enough storage space to do this. The safe needs to be big enough to hold my laptop too as I don't want to be exploring strange cities while carrying my laptop.

Do any of these bother you too? If not, what irritates you about hotels?


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