09/06/2017 14:53 BST | Updated 09/06/2017 15:45 BST

Ten Two-Year Wonders Who Became MPs In 2015 And Have Now Lost Their Seats

Politics can be cruel.

Two years is a very long time in politics.  

Since 2015, the landscape has changed beyond recognition and the future of the country and its party leaders is more uncertain than ever.

MPs elected for the first time two years ago have faced a tumultuous period, with seven party leaders quitting (three of them UKIP) and the most significant referendum in a generation.

But for many of those who expected to serve a full five years on the Commons benches, it’s over before it barely began.  

Here’s 10 from the Class of 2015 who were handed their very public P45 last night - and one more who didn’t even get to clock up two years’ service. 

1. Tania Mathias 

Conservative, Twickenham

Ousted by: Lib Dems

The former ophthalmologist risked the ire of her 66% pro-Remain constituency by voting to trigger Article 50 in line with her party whip and paid the price at the hands of Lib Dem stalwart Vince Cable. 

2. John Nicolson 

SNP, East Dunbartonshire

Ousted by: Lib Dems

Ex-Scottish television presenter and SNP spokesman for culture, media and sport was beaten comprehensively into second place by Jo Swinson, the former Lib Dem coalition government minister.  Tim Farron’s party had been hopeful of taking the seat back throughout the campaign.

3. Flick Drummond 

Conservative, Portsmouth South

Ousted by: Labour

One of the most unlikely gains of the night came in Portsmouth South, where Stephan Morgan took the port city seat for Labour for the first time ever.

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Craig Williams on a campaign visit with Theresa May when she was Home Secretary.

4. Craig Williams 

Conservative, Cardiff North 

Ousted by: Labour

A key battleground seat in 2015, Craig Williams pipped Labour candidate Mari Williams to the post then and the party set its sights on winning it back this time around.  New MP Anna McMorrin’s win was significant and saw her take more than 50% of the vote.

5. Calum Kerr 

SNP, Berwickshire, Roxburgh and Selkirk

Ousted by: Conservatives 

Former Tory MSP and Holyrood chief whip John Lamont took another SNP scalp in the Borders seat, which was the Conservative’s favourite to win.  During the campaign he said voters were unashamed to say they were backing the Tories for the first time in decades.

6. Byron Davies

Conservative, Gower

Ousted by: Labour

Tonia Antoniazzi, an ex-Welsh women’s rugby player, managed to wrestle Gower back from the Conservatives after they took it by just 27 votes in 2015, for the first time in over 100 years.  She said Theresa May’s social care U-turn was a key turning point in galvanising Labour support during.

7. George Kerevan 

SNP, East Lothian 

Ousted by: Labour

The SNP’s George Kerevan, ex-associate editor of The Scotsman, ended Labour’s unbeaten record in East Lothian in 2015.  But the seat was among those clawed back by Jeremy Corbyn’s party and he will be replaced on the Commons benches by Martin Whitfield, a former lawyer turned primary school teacher.

Nicola Tree via Getty Images
The SNP's Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh lost to the Tories in Ochil and South Perthshire.

 8. Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh 

SNP, Ochil and South Perthshire

Ousted by: Conservatives

A former businesswoman, solicitor and actress, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh was something of a rising star in Westminster, serving as the SNP’s Trade and Investment spokesperson and National Women and Equalities Covener and Deputy Shadow Leader of the House.  But her brief tenure in Parliament was ended by Luke Graham of the Scottish Conservatives - the party she was a former active member of.

9. Roger Mullin 

SNP, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath

Ousted by: Labour

Gordon Brown’s former seat was recaptured from the SNP by Labour’s Lesley Laird, but it was a tight one, with just 259 votes in it.  The overall election result brought the ex-PM’s decision not to hold a snap election in 2010 into sharp focus - for all the right reasons.  

10. James Davies

Conservative, Vale of Clwyd

Ousted by: Labour

Labour stalwart Chris Ruane was one of the more surprising defeats in 2015 and the man himself made a triumphant return this time around.  

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 And one more for luck...

11. Sarah Olney

Lib Dem, Richmond Park

Ousted by: Conservatives

Not strictly a two-year wonder, Sarah Olney spent just six months as an MP after the Lib Dems managed to snatch Richmond Park from Zac Goldsmith (wearing his independent hat) in December last year.  But the defeated London mayoral candidate bounced back, beating his rival into second place this time around by just 45 votes.