12/06/2017 11:59 BST

Tent-Finding App Will Save You Hours Of Drunk Wandering This Festival Season

But only if you're heading for your own tent ⛺️

It is a truth universally accepted that the UK music festival experience is basically just hours of searching your friends, the shortest toilet queue, or your tent, on rotation.

A feat made especially tricky when everyone’s phone miraculously stops working, like you’re in some Bermuda 3G triangle.

But now a new ‘BC Tent Finder’ app has been developed to help conquer one of your festival woes (warning, they still can’t help when you accidentally drink Strongbow for breakfast).

AshleyPickering via Getty Images

Boutique Camping, the team behind the app, decided that they could use GPS technology to help us all remember where we’ve left our tent by tracking on Google maps, and assigning helpful photographs of the surrounding area.

So you remember exactly which four-man Argos tent is the one you’re meant to be looking for (no, not that one).

Not only that but the app, which is free to download, means you can synchronise with your friends, by saving and sharing your location.

So you can keep an eye on where they are, and where they said they’d meet you. 

There’s also a handy instruction manual showing you how to put up and take down your tent again (never underestimate the difficulty after ten pints), and a link to daily weather updates. 

There’s even a handy torchlight, to help you find your things when the sun goes down, or find your way back to a tent that might belong to someone else (sorry mum).  

Right now it’s only available on iPhone but should be on Android soon enough.