Sorry, What? The Packaging On A Terry's Chocolate Orange Has A Hidden Use

Yes, really.
Turns out we shouldn't have been throwing the box away.
John Giles - PA Images via Getty Images
Turns out we shouldn't have been throwing the box away.

Terry’s Chocolate Orange is truly a staple of the UK’s festive season – and even as we enter a new year, we’re still grazing our way through leftover chocolate. In fact it’s all that’s getting us through the first week back at work.

However, one TikTok user has left us completely mind blown over the ‘correct’ way to use the packaging of the iconic chocolate treat.

Neil Adams (username @michael_adams1138), took to the popular video sharing platform to reveal his ‘Chocolate Orange Hack’.

Ripping open the box, he puts the outer packaging of the chocolate orange to one side while focusing on the inner plastic packaging.

He folds it over on itself to create a ‘stand’ for the chocolate orange before placing the unwrapped treat into it – ready for people to pick up segments.

Viewers of the video were quick to flock to the comments section to leave their thoughts on Adams’ ‘hack’.

“I need to know how you discovered this,” wrote one TikTok user, while another added “I never knew this, and I’m 49 years old!”

However, some were more sceptical of Adams’ tip.

One left a comment saying: “I would have eaten the entire thing in the time it would take me to fold this up.”

“No one has time for that,” said another.

Meanwhile a whole lot of focus was on the poster’s collection of Prime drinks in the background. The drink, made popular by Youtubers Logan Paul and KSI, caused queues and fights across the UK last week after Aldi began stocking them.