What Is Prime Hydration And Why Are People Fighting In Aldi Over It?

People are spending over £15 for a bottle at some convenience stores.
People queued for hours to bag themselves a bottle at Aldi
Prime Drink/Instagram
People queued for hours to bag themselves a bottle at Aldi

If you’ve been feeling a bit baffled as to why thousands of people queued up yesterday morning for hours to get a bottle of a viral sports drink, you’re not alone.

Yesterday (Thursday 29 December) Prime Hydration was a ‘Special Buy’ at Aldi, with shoppers queueing round the block at their local stores to get their hands on crates of the drink.

Some branches of the budget supermarket were forced to enforce a ‘one bottle per person’ limit as teenagers and parents alike fought it out in the aisles.
Although a bottle of the drink retails at a humble £1.99, some convenience stores have been reselling them for as much as £20, and there are currently eBay listings at an eye-watering £50 per bottle.
The drink has become so popular that there’s even a Twitter account called ‘Prime Tracker UK’, which shares stock levels of the beverage and keeps people informed on where they can find the drink.

But what is Prime Hydration - and what’s the big deal?

Prime Hydration is a line of fruit-flavoured sports drinks, fortified with both vitamins and minerals.

According to manufacturers, a 500ml bottle of the drink contains 10% coconut water, electrolytes and B vitamins and BCAAs.

It also has zero sugar or caffeine and is only around 20 calories per bottle.

It comes in seven flavours: Meta Moon (we don’t know what that means either), Ice Pop, Blue Raspberry, Tropical Punch, Lemon Lime, Grape and Orange.

Now for the real reason behind the hysteria – yup, you guessed it, it’s all down to social media and influencers.

The drinks were launched at the start of 2022 by YouTubers KSI and Logan Paul.

The duo have a combined 63 million subscribers on YouTube and their massive social following has sparked an instant viral obsession with the drink.

A joint statement by KSI and Paul on the Prime Hydration website reads: “We created PRIME to showcase what happens when rivals come together as brothers and business partners to fill the void where great taste meets function.

“Our goal was to create a fantastic hydration drink that can fuel any lifestyle.

“Over the past year, we’ve worked countless hours to formulate the product from scratch, lock in deals with the largest retailers in the world, and build a multi-hundred person team to get our products to the shelves.”