Tesco Apologises After Man Claims Staff Member Called Him 'A Goth'

But the complaint wasn't quite what it seemed.

A man has complained to Tesco, saying one of its staff members allegedly called him 'a goth'.

The supermarket giant has apologised after Reece Milne said that he had been called a goth in a Tesco shop on Saturday.

Milne, who appears to be based in Glasgow, tweeted at the supermarket's official account, claiming that he had just bought a Monster energy drink in the shop and wanted to report a staff member calling him "a goth."

In response, Tesco replied saying it was "really sorry" that a colleague called him a goth. It asked him to share a description of the staff member who allegedly spoke to him.

It assured him his complaint would be passed on to the right store, logged and reviewed.

Other Twitter users chipped in and were unimpressed with the alleged comment:

Unfortunately, Milne's own response showed that his tweet had in fact been some opportunistic trolling:

But in April, a woman who describes herself as a goth really did complain that Tesco workers "ridiculed" her for the way she looked.

Aisah Khatoon, 25, said she was "humiliated and ridiculed" by staff at a Tesco in Beckenham, London in March.

She claimed she heard two female staff members whispering and pointing at her.

The Metro reported that Khatoon heard them say: "Dear God, just look at her, what does she look like?"

Tesco said it was investigating and Khatoon said she would no longer shop at the store.