15/11/2016 11:49 GMT

Texas A&M University Gymnasts Create The Most Incredible Mannequin Challenge To Date

Their (lack of) moves are AMAZING.

In the past few weeks, we have seen some pretty impressive mannequin challenge attempts, with everyone from Adele to Hillary Clinton trying their hand at the craze.  

But a group of student gymnasts at Texas A&M University have made a mannequin challenge to end all mannequin challenges. 

The video sees the students show off their incredible strength frozen in positions most of us can only dream of achieving. 

While one guy maintains a perfectly straight handstand on a pommel horse, another hangs upside down from a bar by his ankles. 

Texas AM University Gymnastics
The gymnasts show off their enviable strength during the video 
Texas AM University Gymnastics
How are they doing this?! 
Texas AM University Gymnastics
Just hanging here perfectly still by my toes, no big deal 

The video ends with a shot of one of the students lying on the floor with her leg placed over her shoulder like it’s the easiest thing in the world. 

Wow. Just wow.