31/03/2016 16:37 BST

Thai Police Use Fishing Net To Capture Knifeman In Unusal Arrest

No guns, no tasers, no batons.

Police in Thailand have resorted to old-fashioned tactics to take down a knifeman. 

In a video uploaded to LiveLeak officers can be seen crowding together and assuming a brace position, behind shields, as a man armed with a knife charges at them, wildly swinging the weapon. 

The man retreats briefly, before lashing out again, this time by kicking at officers.

Thai police use a giant net to apprehend a knifeman

After failing to connect with kick, the man takes a fews steps back when officers appear behind him and throw a large net over his head.

The man is then quickly apprehended.

The video, which has been viewed over 60,000 times, was uploaded on Wednesday. It is not known where and when the video was shot.