Thameslink Train Driver Forgets To Stop At Elephant & Castle, Offers Very Honest Apologies


Commuters on a Thameslink train were given a shock on Thursday morning when their driver made a very odd mistake.

According to Twitter user Matt Warren, the driver managed to forget to stop at a major London station.

”It was packed and miserable as usual, but this brought a smile to everyone’s face, at least all the faces I could see,” Warren told Metro.

“It was a welcome mood lifter on a truly risible commuter line. Hats off to a driver who told it like it was and was honest about what was actually going on for a change.”

A spokesperson for Thameslink confirmed the strange occurrence in an email to HuffPost UK.

“Unfortunately, although rare, these things do happen occasionally and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused,” they said.

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