06/12/2017 22:01 GMT

‘The Apprentice’: Fired Candidate Jade English On How Being In The Boardroom Early On Can Be Beneficial

Just five candidates remain on the show.

Jade English was one of two candidates to bow out of ‘The Apprentice’ on Wednesday (6 December) night, being fired by Lord Sugar after being brought into the boardroom for the first time.

And while getting to this point in the competition without being in the firing line could be seen as an achievement, Jade admitted that facing the tense situation earlier on in the series could have been beneficial.

“I hadn’t been in the boardroom before so I had to figure that out pretty quickly,” she said. “Practice makes perfect.

“I remember thinking throughout the process, ‘Well this is great, I’ve not had to do these dreadful boardrooms’.

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Sarah-Jayne Clark was the only member of the team to survive the boardroom

“But I think, bizarrely, I probably wish I had gone in the boardroom prior to this, just to learn a little bit about myself and have those discussions with Lord Sugar, [to find out] which area I could improve on.

“Although you might want to stay out of the boardroom, for obvious reasons, it allows you to build up that rapport with Lord Sugar and also, people watching get to know you as a person a little bit more. But everything happens for a reason.”

Jade wasn’t the only one fired in the episode and viewers also saw Harrison Jones grab his tiny suitcase and exit the building for the last time.

Next week is the dreaded - well, for the candidates at least, we absolutely love them - interviews episode.

Find out how the final five fare on BBC1 next Wednesday, at 9pm.

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