The Batman Director Reveals Robert Pattinson's Suit Was Designed Specifically To Be Toilet-Friendly

The Dark Knight's Christian Bale gave Robert Pattinson one big pointer about the Batsuit.

Fans concerned about Robert Pattinson’s bladder can breathe a sigh of relief (and so can he, apparently), as it was revealed his new Batman suit was designed specifically so he can go to the toilet with ease.

The British actor is set to take on the role of the caped crusader in the new film The Batman, the trailer for which debuted over the weekend.

During a Q&A about the film, director Matt Reeves spoke about the functionality of the new Batman’s suit, pointing out that they’d taken one important pointer from Christian Bale, who played the Dark Knight in Christopher Nolan’s trilogy.

Film director Matt Reeves
Film director Matt Reeves
Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP

Stressing how important it was that the outfit be “practical”, Matt said at the DC FanDome: “One of the things that’s really important is being able to work with the actors. Rob [Pattinson] had a very important part in designing the suit in that he had to be able to wear it, he had to be able to fight in it.

“One of the things about this Batsuit is that it is very practical. The whole idea is that he’s made it himself. And so, we needed to be able to see how it would fit on him and all the ways he could move but also make it look like something that was still evolving.”

When moderator Aisha Tyler questioned whether that meant the suit had pockets, Matt potentially ventured into TMI territory, revealing: “I will tell you this: One of the big things was that Rob actually talked to Christian Bale and [Christian] was like, ‘Just make sure you’re gonna be able to relieve yourself’.”

We’re going to choose to believe that means “while wearing the suit” rather than “in the suit itself”, but then again maybe we’d rather not know the specifics.

Robert Pattinson in the new The Batman trailer
Robert Pattinson in the new The Batman trailer
Warner Bros.

The Batman is currently scheduled for release in October 2021.


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