Christian Bale

The Oscar-winning star recently appeared as Gorr in Thor: Love And Thunder.
“I often meet these incredible people, but I isolate myself.”
The long-time actor said he may not be completely done starring as the caped crusader.
The reality star came under fire when she spoke about the measures she took to lose a significant amount of weight before the Met Gala.
The Dark Knight's Christian Bale gave Robert Pattinson one big pointer about the Batsuit.
Christian was Oscar nominated for his portrayal of the former vice president in Adam McKay's political comedy.
Actor, Christian Bale, has compared his portrayal of Dick Cheney in “Vice” to US President Donald Trump. He said that Trump and Cheney are different in their level of understanding of government and hoped he wouldn’t be causing any damage in the next two years.
The Brits won quite a few of the awards at this year's Golden Globes in Beverly Hills with Olivia Colman, Christian Bale and Ben Whishaw amongst the gongs for best actors and actresses in TV and film.