The Best Fake Plants That Don't Look Naff

For the perfect finishing touch, without any of the upkeep.

Fake plants are in full bloom, and no longer the rubbery, squeaky versions of the real deal that once were. If you’ve long struggled to keep a plant alive and given up on a picturesque home full of greenery, or perhaps don’t have the budget nor time to continuously buy fresh bunches, then consider a fake, but no less beautiful alternative.

Lucinda Waterhouse, co-founder of OKA, which stocks a range of wide range of artificial flowers and plants, is an advocate of investing in a faux display. “If you take care of them properly, they will last a lifetime,” she says. “To keep them in tip-top condition she recommends using a cool hairdryer to get rid of any dust. Never put them in water as the majority of faux plants and flowers have felt linings, putting them in water will make them start to unravel.”

And while it may seem silly to splurge on artificial greenery, it’s worthwhile considering it as an interiors investment. Lucinda explains: “They require no maintenance and won’t wilt and die and although a bunch of faux foliage might cost more than the real thing, they are eternal, and you can grow your collection of faux flowers or plants and easily change them with the seasons.”

So, with that in mind, up ahead we reveal our carefully curated selection of lush foliage with realistic textures in hand-dyed, high-grade plastics and an intricate attention to detail to spruce up your home.

Desk-side Buddy

John Lewis

Little Cactus, John Lewis, £8

Decorate your desk with this miniature cactus that requires little to no upkeep. If you’re working on a shoestring budget, bring the outside in and add a pop of gold with the luxe looking gold pot. John Lewis recommends to clean lightly with a damp cloth.

A Classic Trio


FEJKA Artificial potted plant with pot, IKEA, £4 for pack of 3

Simple, chic and minimal, this trio would be a great gift for the student looking to jazz up their halls, or as a housewarming gift to yourself, fitting perfectly on a bedroom windowsill, bathroom shelf or the mantelpiece.

Go All Out

Abigail Ahern

Aloe Perfoliata, Abigail Ahern, £36

Add a breath of life to any room with this larger, more luxurious plant, potted in a weighty stone holder. Made with silk heads and resin stems with metal wire, you can open up the stalks for a beautiful table-piece or accessorise wide open floor space. To keep it in prime condition, keep away from direct sunlight and excessive moisture to avoid the lush green colour fading.

Pot Plant

Marks & Spencer

Large Cactus In Crackle Pot, Marks & Spencer, £49.50

Despite its artificial status, add some authentic desert chic to your home with this faux hedge cactus. The perfect finishing touch for side tables and centrepieces, embrace a touch of nature without the upkeep that comes with the real thing.

Loud & Proud


Leaves in Ribbed Ceramic Pot, Matalan, £14

Play with textures and the many varieties of artificial plants, like the giant glossy leaves on this ceramic potted version. Bring the outside in and brighten up a conservatory, dining table or living room windowsill. Wipe clean with a soft cloth to maintain its pristine presentation.

Bountiful Bamboo


Eden Bloom Artificial Bamboo Tree, Argos, £50

This low maintenance shrubbery is an ethically conscious alternative. Made from recycled materials and UV resistant, it’s a great start, or addition, to an outdoor display.

A Failsafe


Faux Mini Orchid, Oka, £22

This mini lifelike orchid is as realistic looking as it gets. Coming with a soil base covered in faux moss, it’s the perfect finishing touch to a bedside table, without any fear you’ll accidentally kill it when you hastily snooze your alarm.

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