18/01/2017 11:24 GMT | Updated 18/01/2017 11:56 GMT

‘The Chase’ Viewers Left Stunned After Qualified Doctor Fails To Answer Medical Question Correctly

Back to school for him.

The Chase’ is known for throwing up some seriously tricky questions, but if you were a qualified doctor faced with a medical question, you’d be pretty happy, right?

Errrm, well not if you’re 23-year-old contestant, Euan from Glasgow.

Oh Euan.

The newly-qualified medical student left viewers - and host Bradley Walsh - stunned during Tuesday’s edition of the ITV quiz show, when he gave the wrong answer to a question about the human body.

The question in errrm, question was: “The pituitary gland is located on the underside of what organ?”

The correct answer is the brain, but poor Euan reckoned it was in the neck, which is (a) wrong and (b) not even an organ.

Oh dear.


At the end of the round, Euan tried to wriggle out of his mistake, telling Bradley: “I thought you said thyroid”.

Hmmm, because ‘pituitary’ and ‘thyroid’ sound REALLY similar.

Sorry, Euan, we’re not buying that excuse - and neither was Bradley, who told him he needed his ears tested.

If only he knew where they were located.

Still, Euan can take some comfort in the fact that even the Chasers don’t always get it right.

Mark Labbett AKA ‘The Beast’ is, quite rightly, one of the most feared Chasers on ‘The Chase’, thanks to his encyclopedic knowledge of well, pretty much everything.

But earlier this month, a video of him taking part on an early episode of ‘Who Wants To be A Millionaire’ surfaced, which showed him stumped at the £64,000 mark.

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