02/06/2017 12:22 BST | Updated 02/06/2017 13:06 BST

'The Chase' Viewers Can’t Believe Contestant Thinks The Statue Of Liberty Is Pink (Because It’s Her Favourite Colour)

We know it can be a high pressure show, but SERIOUSLY?

The Chase’ has had its fair share of unbelievable answers since it’s been on our screens, but Thursday’s show featured a corker.

Contestant Shauna was doing so well until she was asked what colour the Statue of Liberty was.

Oh Shauna.

OK, maybe Shauna’s never been to New York or seen one of its most famous landmarks on any number of NYC-based TV shows and films, but this was a multiple choice question.

The options were pink, brown or green.

GBlakeley via Getty Images
Yep, definitely not pink.

“Isn’t it concrete? I was waiting on grey coming up,” Shauna told host Bradley Walsh.

“Have you ever seen it up close?” Bradley asked, trying to save her. “You can’t tell what colour it is. It’s grey.”

She added: “On the grounds that pink’s my favourite colour, I chose pink.”

Yes, you read that correctly, Shauna thinks the Statue of Liberty is PINK.

*face palm*


A wincing Bradley couldn’t quite believe his ears, and neither could Twitter…


Chaser Anne ‘The Governess’ Hegerty obviously got the answer correct (that’ll be green, Shauna) and also enlightened us all on why the iconic landmark is the colour it is.

“Well it’s copper and when copper gets old, it goes green.”

So now you know.
‘The Chase’ airs on ITV, weekdays at 5pm.

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