'I Got Caught Red-Handed': Dominic West Admits Trying To Take A 'Souvenir' From The Crown's Set

Don't worry, though – he didn't leave totally empty-handed.
Dominic West
Dominic West
Carlos Alvarez via Getty Images

The Crown actor Dominic West has admitted he was “caught red-handed” trying to take “a tiny souvenir” from the set of the royal Netflix drama.

Dominic plays a younger King Charles in the final two seasons of the award-winning show, which will come to an end with its final six episodes later this month.

Reflecting on what he wants viewers to take away from the show’s final outing, the British actor told HuffPost UK: “It’s a really good piece of entertainment apart from anything else. And I think that’s really our first duty, and I think that’s where it succeeds so brilliantly.”

Asked if there was anything he took away from season six himself, Dominic then joked: “I took its cufflinks! But don’t tell production!”

Well, at least, he tried to.

Dominic West in character as Prince Charles in Netflix's The Crown
Dominic West in character as Prince Charles in Netflix's The Crown

“I had to give them back, actually. I did get caught red-handed,” he revealed “But also, when the hell am I going to wear them? I just wanted a tiny souvenir.”

Fortunately for Dominic, he didn’t come away from The Crown entirely empty-handed.

“I got a whole pile of coasters with my face on them,” he revealed. “And a tea-towel.”

While the first four episodes of season six focussed on the lead-up to Princess Diana’s death, as well as its aftermath, the second half of the series will jump forward in time, culminating in King Charles’ wedding to Queen Camilla, Prince William’s first meeting with his future wife Kate Middleton and the Golden Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

The final six episodes of The Crown season six will begin streaming on Netflix on 14 December. Read our full interview with Dominic West on HuffPost UK this Sunday.


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