The Crown

The scenes in question have proved to be one of the most controversial aspects of the Netflix drama's final season.
The first part of the show's final season has arrived on Netflix – and it's focused on an event many of us watched unfold on our TVs.
From how much it cost to make, to the actors who almost landed roles, here’s all your questions answered.
A vision of the late Princess appears before Prince Charles and The Queen in the sixth and final season of the hit Netflix drama.
The nation is in crisis in The Crown’s sixth season. Unfortunately, so are its reviews.
With part one of The Crown now streaming on Netflix, it doesn't sound like Peter Morgan is terribly sad the award-winning drama is almost over.
"It was quite difficult, to be honest," the Bafta winner recalled.
Season six of Netflix's royal drama will portray the Princess of Wales’ final days.
The final instalment of the hit Netflix drama will cover some of the biggest moments in the royal history, including the death of Princess Diana.