24/01/2017 12:12 GMT

'The Crown' Producers Cast 'Downton Abbey' Star Matthew Goode As Lord Snowdon For Series 2

Another period drama.

Less than a week after the real-life Lord Snowdon was laid to rest in his native north Wales, Netflix has announced which actor will be playing the photographer who married into the Royal Family, in the next series of ‘The Crown’.

Matthew Goode, known for his role as Lady Mary’s new love Henry Talbot in the final series of ‘Downton Abbey’, will take the role of Snowdon in Series 2.

Lord Snowdon died on 13 January at the age of 86. His life was marked by a lifelong love of photography and design, but he was as renowned for his colourful personal life, including marriage to the Queen’s sister Princess Margaret.

Matthew Goode played Henry Talbot in the final series of 'Downton Abbey'

Viewers of the Golden Globe-winning first series have seen Margaret, played by Vanessa Kirby, forced to choose between her passion for divorced equerry Peter Townsend, and position within the royal establishment.

After weeks of turmoil, and hounding by the press, Margaret opted for the latter, leaving the door open for new romance with society photographer and ladies’ man Antony Armstrong-Jones, who became Lord Snowdon on his marriage.

Although the pair became one of London’s most glamorous couples, with friends across aristocratic and show business circles, the union broke down with both having affairs and were eventually divorced in 1978.

The first series of 'The Crown' saw Margaret reluctantly give up her lover Peter Townsend

The divorce will be one of the primary topics for the third series of ‘The Crown’, which will require an actor to play Margaret’s young lover Roddy Lewellyn - their affair lasted five years and finally brought the royal marriage to an end.

By then, Claire Foy will no longer be playing Elizabeth. Claire, who also won a Golden Globe for her role, has already revealed she’ll only be playing the young monarch for one more series, with most principal players, including Matt Smith as the Duke of Edinburgh, being replaced as the characters as they get older.