The Crucial Health Reason Behind Why You Shouldn’t Throw Out Strawberry Leaves

Strawberry leaves can be re-used for different things, I had no idea!

I’m not sure why I started chucking the leaves on strawberries into the bin but I have always done it. I assumed that they perhaps were poisonous? Poison attached to sweet, sweet treasure?

Absolutely beats me but I know that I’m not alone because not once in my life have I seen somebody eat the leaves on a strawberry.

However, according to NHS surgeon and TikTok content creator Dr Karan Rajan, that’s exactly what we should have been doing all along.

Why we should be eating strawberry leaves

In a new TikTok video, Dr Rajan explained:“A strawberry top, with the leaves, is known as a calyx, and it has a nutritional value on par with the berry itself.

“The leaves are packed with polyphenols, which are antioxidants, and the leaves contain almost as much Vitamin C as the berry.”

He went on to explain that the top also contains other nutrients like magnesium, and an extra bit of fibre, too.

Who knew?!

We can use strawberry tops for a range of purposes, too. Food blogger The Purposeful Pantry has listed a range of recipes for strawberry tops, including vinegar, syrups, tea, and even salsa.

Health benefits of strawberries

Research released in August 2023 by San Diego State University found that eating strawberries every day can help improve cognitive function, lower blood pressure, and increase a person’s antioxidant capacity.

Additionally, Allison Tallman, a registered dietitian and founder of Nourished Routes spoke to Medical News Today and said she expects to see more research that finds a link between these sweet berries and cancer prevention.

Tallman said: “The link between strawberries and gut health, strawberries and brain health, and strawberries and heart health have been well explored.

“I’d love there to be more research on strawberries and cancer prevention since they do have antioxidant components”