'The Daily Show' Asks Donald Trump Supporters About Conspiracy Theories

One man blamed Obama for "not being in the Oval Office on 9/11".

Donald Trump’s supporters have never been shy about voicing their opinions on politics regardless of how ridiculous they might be, from the birther movement to Hillary Clinton’s illness, and ‘The Daily Show’ decided to interview some people at a rally to see what they had to say.

The result was truly, truly worrying and highlighted a lot of hypocritical arguments from staunch Trump fans.

One person made some fairly outrageous claims, then stated her sources were “Facebook and Twitter”. Another said Hillary “could have AIDS” because her husband “fooled around with Magic Johnson”.

‘Daily Show’ correspondent Jordan Klepper also took along two identical photos of Hillary Clinton and asked people outside the rally to guess which was the real one and which was a body double. They managed to find differences between the two, despite them being completely the same.

But perhaps the most shockingly awful allegation was one man who said Barack Obama “played a large part in 9/11” because he took too many holidays and wasn’t in the Oval Office when the Twin Towers were attacked. It would’ve been pretty hard for him to be there since he wasn’t inaugurated until seven years later.

God bless America.

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