Green Party YouTube Video Advert Pits Children Against Each Other As David Cameron And Jeremy Corbyn

They've really nailed the Party Political Broadcast this time.

Party political adverts are a tough nut to crack, because you need to get the balance exactly right to be credible but not boring, positive but not too positive and a world of other different factors.

The Green Party, however, have nailed it with their latest broadcast.

The three-and-a-half minute video perfectly satirises the current political climate in Britain, by showing us exactly how childish the major mainstream parties have become.

Each child represents a big name in the three main parties, with little Boris arguing with baby George over who will run the school next, and poor Tim Farron struggling to make any friends.

And then there's wee Jeremy who's facing a lot of bullying from his own group of friends.

Sure, it's a bit over the top - but it's certainly one of the best party political broadcasts you'll see this year.

And definitely better than the Leave campaign's shocking karaoke-style video.

The Greens' video has already started trending on Facebook and Twitter, drawing praise from all sides of the Twittersphere:

But others weren't so convinced.

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