The Idol's Graphic Sex Scene Has Left People With A Lot Of Thoughts

British GQ has already dubbed it the “worst sex scene in history”.
The Idol has sparked much conversation since debuting earlier this month
The Idol has sparked much conversation since debuting earlier this month

The Idol viewers have been left begging for mercy after a “gross” 10-minute sex scene in the show.

The HBO series premiered earlier this month and follows troubled pop idol Jocelyn (played by Lily-Rose Depp), who becomes besotted by The Weeknd’s character Tedros, the seedy leader of a modern-day cult.

In the latest instalment, titled Double Fantasy, a fully-clothed Tedros orders a naked Jocelyn to carry out his sexual fantasies.

During their toe-curling interaction, he delivers several shocking lines, including “fucking stretch that tiny little pussy” and “I want to grab you by the ass while I suffocate you with my cock.”

It’s fair to say that viewers were left speechless by the X-rated content – which British GQ has dubbed the “worst sex scene in history” – with many flocking to Twitter to later voice their thoughts.

“THAT sex scene on The Idol was sooooo uncalled for omg,” one wrote. “I don’t know what to say. There’s sexy and there’s whatever the fuck that was.”

Echoing a similar sentiment, another said: “The Idol ep 2 makes me feel like I’m a prude bc the sex scenes had me cringing so bad I had to look just don’t feel right😭”

“Saw the second episode of The Idol. I think I’m done,” a third added. “It’s just over exaggerated situations with over extended soft porn scenes.

“I mean, don’t get me wrong, I’m all in for drama and good sex scenes, but what’s the point if they don’t move the story? To me it’s just cringy & gross.”

Earlier this year, The Weeknd – real name Abel Tesfaye – fired back at Rolling Stone’s claims The Idol’s director Sam Levinson “dialled up the disturbing sexual content and nudity” after replacing original director Amy Seimetz.

At the time, he shared a clip from the show to his Twitter, in which the publication is branded “irrelevant”, adding “@RollingStone did we upset you?”

Abel also addressed the backlash in an interview with Interview magazine, saying: ’A lot of people work hard on these projects. When I’m in my world, and you guys are coming at me, “it’s like, alright, cool. I’m a big boy. I can figure it out.”

“But you have 200 people working hard on a project like this, that hurts. Especially when what they’re saying is far from the truth, but what can you do?”

The Idol airs Sundays Sky Atlantic and NOW.


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