The Most-Edited Wikipedia Pages Of 2016 Have Been Revealed

There are more than a few surprises...

Wikipedia has revealed the most-edited pages of 2016 with both Donald Trump and the US election taking many of the top spots.

The list was compiled by researchers from the Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organisation that currently maintains Wikipedia.

Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Articles in the top 10 include “Deaths in 2016”, “Donald Trump” and “Vincent Van Gogh”.

Wikipedia most-edited articles top 10:

  1. Deaths in 2016 - 18230
  2. Donald Trump - 8933
  3. List Of Hillary Clinton presidential campaign endorsements - 6527
  4. United States presidential election - 6162
  5. Republican Party presidential primaries - 5715
  6. 2016 Orlando nightclub shooting - 5540
  7. Bailando 2015 - 5342
  8. List of Donald Trump presidential campaign endorsements - 5328
  9. 2016 in sports - 5277
  10. 2016 in South Korean music - 5074

While most are recognisable there are some entries which you might not recognise. Bailando for example is a hugely popular Argentine TV dance competition.

Other entries that made it into the top 20 include “Panama Papers” and the blockbuster film “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice”.

Notable music entries include Drake’s latest album “Views” as well as Kanye West’s “The Life of Pablo”, both receiving well over 3,000 edits each.

Drew Angerer via Getty Images

Of course the number of edits can be misleading in terms of measuring a subjects overall popularity.

As the BBC points out, the Vincent Van Gogh’s page received well over 3,000 edits, however most of these were made by just four Wikipedia editors who had spent the last 12 months getting the entry to ‘featured status’ - Wikipedia’s mark of high quality for entries within the site.

Of course others are sadly far more obvious when looking for an explanation of their edits.

2016 has been a particularly tough year when it comes to notable deaths with many famous actors, authors and musicians passing away.

You can actually listen to every edit being made in real-time thanks to this rather wonderful online creation called “Listen to Wikipedia”.

With over five million English language entries on the site it should come as no surprise that the page can get quite noisy.

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