us presidential elections

The former president’s lawyer has been panned by just about everybody for his bizarre opening remarks.
The president's address was released to YouTube after many news channels refused to air it live.
If successful it would make Trump the only president in US history to be impeached twice.
Nancy Pelosi said she spoke to the Joint Chiefs of Staff to discuss “precautions” to prevent Trump from starting a war.
The president returned to Twitter amid impeachment threats to release a *very* carefully-worded statement on the Capitol riots.
Ministers have been quick to criticise the riots at the US Capitol, but they weren't so quick to speak out against its instigator.
The prime minister also hit out at the mob who targeted the Senate after the outgoing president’s rally.
The two crucial races will decide whether Republicans can block president-elect Joe Biden’s agenda.
The president has already floated the idea on a number of occasions.
Donald Trump's refusal to concede has already been described as "an embarrassment" by Joe Biden.