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The New Wave Of Business Travel

A holistic approach to blending the worlds of work and wellbeingPROMOTED BY CROWNE PLAZA
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What if business travel didn’t have to mean soulless hotel rooms and identikit corporate catering? A new generation of business traveller is redefining what it means to work away – and it’s as much about wellbeing as it is work.

In a recent survey commissioned by Crowne Plaza® Hotels & Resorts exploring the theme of Downtime, 88% of business travellers surveyed in the UK said they make an effort to experience some of the city they are visiting on business. A trip is a trip after all and with over two-thirds of those surveyed admitting to adding a holiday either side of a business trip, it’s evident that offsetting work with free-time is at the heart of modern business travel.

With this work-life blend in mind, it’s important to find a business hotel that cares as much about enhancing your personal wellbeing and efficiency as you do – because sometimes we all know the mojito is just as important as the meeting.

Recharge and refresh

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We know being switched on is essential for efficient output, but equally important is knowing when to flick the ‘off’ switch. A multitasking lifestyle can lead to burnout if we don’t counterbalance it with a decent night’s sleep, which is often easier said than done when you’re away from your home comforts and out of your usual routine.

The Crowne Plaza Downtime survey identified sleep as the cornerstone of productivity but it’s not just the length of sleep you have but the quality of sleep. That’s why it has created the Sleep Advantage® Programme to help you get the shut-eye you need to stay on top of your game. Book a room in a designated Quiet Zone, get peace of mind with a Guaranteed Wake-up Call, snuggle down in the luxurious comfort of premium bedding and drift off peacefully with the help of an aromatherapy Sleep Kit made from 100% essential oils. With perks like that you may want to spend all your free-time in bed.

Complete connection

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Thanks to mobile technology, we now have the freedom to work anytime and anywhere, which means we need constant connectivity and a flexible approach to business - but at what cost to the downtime we so desperately crave?

Social media and messaging apps mean you’re never far from knowing exactly what everyone in your life is doing, but striking the balance between on and offline is different for everyone.

Knowing you can work, rest and play on a work trip is at the heart of modern business travel. Whether it’s catching up with your latest box-set obsession or having remote office access, you want access to connectivity at your fingertips. Make use of the free WiFi available in all Crowne Plaza hotels and find out what’s going on around you – searching via Instagram’s ‘near current location’ function is great - but once you get there, put your phone away and just enjoy some downtime.

Fuel your focus

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Whether you’re grabbing lunch on the go or dining out with clients, staying healthy on a business trip can be challenging – especially if you have specific dietary requirements, a sentiment shared by a quarter of all business travellers surveyed in the UK (Crowne Plaza survey, 2017).

If you’re serious about sticking to those good intentions, do some research in advance to find local haunts that offer healthy menu options. Better still hit the streets and work up an appetite while exploring the city; your hotel concierge will be able to point you in the right direction and will be able to offer local insider tips. All you need do is ask.

Pick a hotel right in the thick of it and you’ll quickly get a sense of what’s popular. A queue outside a restaurant or bar is a good indicator of popularity and quality but if you aren’t up for waiting in line The Crowne Plaza Fast and Fresh menu offers nutritious dishes, delivered swiftly for those who prefer to stay in their hotel.

Fit for business

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Are you one of those people who always packs their gym kit with good intentions but never gets around to working out? Fitting exercise into your busy schedule can be challenging enough at home, let alone when you’re away from your regular running routes and routines. But the benefits of exercising while you’re away extend way beyond physical fitness.

Going for a run is the perfect way to undo the stresses of the day and release those feel-good chemicals. And with 88% of UK travellers surveyed saying they make an effort to experience some of the city they are visiting on business, it’s also a perfect opportunity to go exploring, so don’t forget to make the most of the Run Station at Crowne Plaza hotels where you can get advice on local running, walking and cycling routes as well as complementary fruit and water to keep you energised.

For dedicated gym-goers, Crowne Plaza also offers complimentary access to its gyms.

The power of service

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If you’re responsible for organising meetings and conference calls, finding a hotel that has finessed a flexible approach to suit your requirements will make your life a lot easier. Make use of the support staff on hand to deal with planning and execution so you can focus on the important stuff and free up time once you’ve clocked off.

With this idea in mind, Crowne Plaza provides service solutions designed for success, comfort and productivity. Whether it’s booking a meeting space or hooking up a global conference call, dedicated Meetings Directors and Flexible Meetings solutions can help take care of those all-important details, from one-to-ones to large-scale conferences.

Courtesy of Crowne Plaza

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