08/05/2017 14:36 BST

The Perfect Lipstick Shade Has A Lot To Do With Your Nipples, Apparently

It's like the discovery of the century 😂 💄

Finding the ideal lipstick shade for your skin tone can sometimes feel like a never-ending beauty quest. 

But thanks to America’s NBC’s ‘The Doctors’ we can now all find our perfect shade without a visit to the beauty counter.

According to the TV talk show, your perfect lipstick shade should match the colour of your nipples. 

Peter Dazeley via Getty Images

How they reached this controversial conclusion isn’t clear and, of course, social media users have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on the recent discovery by the medically-trained doctors:

“The Internet told me the perfect lipstick shade should match my nipple. Currently swatching these on my tits,” one wrote on 5 May. 

 Whatever will 2017 bring next...