The Sun Has Trolled Twitter With A Front Page Baiting A German Newspaper

'It's a bit lame, isn't it?'

Last night, Germany’s Die Welt newspaper echoed much of the sentiment on the continent when it accused Theresa May of “leading Great Britain into isolation” - replete with the headline “Little Britain” - after her landmark speech declaring Britain was quitting the single market.

And it appeared to strike a nerve ...

Fast-forward 24 hours and The Sun appeared to be preparing to return fire.

This was a tweet from Tony Gallagher, editor of The Sun, the UK’s largest selling newspaper.

For those in the dark, the headline is a play on arguably the newspaper’s most famous front page, mocking Labour leader Neil Kinnock on the eve of the 1992 general election. Kinnock’s shock defeat led the paper to contend it was “The Sun wot won it”.

With tensions rising, Die Welt boss Ulf Poschardt responded that the splash was “a bit lame”.

Others were of a similar mind.

Yet when the publication actually went off-stone, it had a very different look.

A clever elaborate ruse or did it die of shame because it wasn’t that amusing?

More likely it was just a bit of fun as it appeared inside the paper as part of a wider spread featuring Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson’s comments comparing the French president to a Nazi prison guard giving “punishment beatings” to Britain for trying to “escape” the EU.

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