'You Wee S***!': The Traitors' Diane Discovers The Whole Truth In Gloriously Camp Clip

Of course, Diane also had a bombshell of her own to drop.
There was a shock in store for Diane
There was a shock in store for Diane

Warning: This article contains major spoilers for The Traitors.

Like most fans of The Traitors, we’re grieving this morning after the loss of Diane in Wednesday night’s episode.

Still, at least she got the camp send-off she deserved, right? And if there’s one positive to be had from her all-too-early exit, it’s the fact that it gifted us this incredible video of her meeting the contestant responsible for it.

In spin-off show The Traitors: Uncloaked, Diane and Miles sat down together after his banishment, where she discovered that he was, in fact, a Traitor.

“You bastard!” she joked. “No way! Miles! I never thought I’d like a Traitor!”

It was then that Diane realised that Miles was the one who gave her the “poisoned chalice” the previous evening and sealed her fate – and it’s fair to say she really let him have it.

Miles comes clean to Diane
Miles comes clean to Diane

“You killed me then? You wee shit!” she exclaimed. Clearly she wasn’t too upset with her former pal, though, as they then shared a hug, before discovering that Harry (“that wee bastard!”) and Paul (“shit”) were also secretly Traitors.

Of course, Diane also had a secret of her own to share – revealing to Miles that Ross is actually her son.

Wednesday’s instalment of The Traitors ended on a cliffhanger, with remaining Traitors Harry and Paul having tried to recruit another member of the group – but will they accept the Traitors’ offer?

Both The Traitors and The Traitors: Uncloaked are available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.

The Traitors continues on Thursday night at 9pm on BBC One.


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