This Is Why Claudia Winkleman 'Got In Trouble' With The Traitors Producers During Filming

It seems the Strictly Come Dancing host didn't quite understand the assignment at first...
Claudia Winkleman pictured during the first season of The Traitors
Claudia Winkleman pictured during the first season of The Traitors
BBC/Studio Lambert Associates

It’s fair to say that when The Traitors is filming, Claudia Winkleman has her fabulously-gloved hands full.

Not only does she host the hit reality show, she’s also responsible for selecting which players will become the titular Traitors, driving those tense round-table discussions and, at times, even offering guidance and comfort.

It’s this last part that seemingly landed her in hot water (literally!) during the filming of the first season, as one former contestant revealed that Claudia got herself in trouble for being “too nice” during one supposedly tense moment.

Former Traitors star Fay Greaves recalled to OK! magazine: “Claudia is lovely. She got in trouble for being too nice to us.

“There was one time when it was really cold in the church and she came in with her people and had her mittens on and a hot water bottle. She asked if I was cold and gave me the hot water bottle until the mission started.”

Fay added: “She was in it with us. She was devastated at the banishments and she was so down to earth.”

The long-awaited second season of The Traitors finally got underway last week, and has already got viewers gripped, with a third season having already been confirmed for next year.

During a recent interview, Claudia revealed exactly what it was about the new crop of contestants that helped her pick which ones would become Traitors – although the Faithfuls finally caught one of them in Wednesday night’s episode.

The Traitors continues on BBC One on Thursday night at 9pm.


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