A Former Traitors Star Just Made A Bold Admission About Those Breakfast Table Scenes

Say it isn't so!
The Traitors' breakfast scenes are always a stand-out moment in each episode
The Traitors' breakfast scenes are always a stand-out moment in each episode

Undoubtedly one of the biggest temptations about signing up for The Traitors is the thought of a lavish free breakfast every morning (even if there’s always a chance it’s going to be the site of a full-blown screaming match between some of your fellow guests).

In all iterations of The Traitors, breakfast time forms a central part of the show, as it gives the contestants a chance to relax ahead of a day of trials and speculation – not to mention the fact it’s where they discover which member of the cast has been murdered overnight.

However, we’re afraid we’ve learned some unpleasant and, indeed, slightly distressing news about the show’s morning scenes.

Season one contestant Ivan Brett told his X followers on Thursday morning: “I’m sorry guys, it’s time to come clean and leak something shocking about The Traitors.

“It pains me to tell you, but that breakfast is REALLY DRY AND NOT VERY NICE.”

On one hand, we’re gutted at the thought of the Faithfuls chowing down on stale pastries first thing in the morning. But on the other... breakfast food left out in the open under TV lights? Makes sense.

The new season of the Bafta-winning reality show got underway on Wednesday night, with Claudia Winkleman choosing the first three contestants to become Traitors, after which the trio selected a fourth from the remaining members of the team.

The first three episodes of The Traitors season two are available to watch now on BBC iPlayer. Episodes two and three will also air at 9pm on BBC One on Thursday and Friday night, respectively.


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