7 Prints That Celebrate The Number One Person In Your Life (You)

What better place to prompt self-belief than in your own home?

We could all do with a reminder to love ourselves more – and what better place to prompt self-belief and compassion than in your own home?

Enter self-love prints, a heartfelt reminder to be kinder to the number one person in your life: you.

Here are some uplifting and affordable prints to hang in your home or prop up against a wall if you can’t be bothered to get the hammer out. No judgement here, babes, you do you.


We All Grow at Different Rates Print, Etsy, £11.97

Just in case you need reminding that it’s ok to go at your own pace. This is also ideal if you’re too lazy to look after a real plant.

Buy it here.

Not On The High Street

Positive Affirmation Print, Not On The High Street, £10

This positive message will hang nicely on your walls and serve as a boost to your self-esteem whenever you walk past it.

Buy it here.

Red Bubble

Self Love, Red Bubble, £24

A single line drawing which represents how self-care should be: simple.

Buy it here.


Pose, Juniqe, £19.95

A love heart that won’t make you cringe (for that, read more about the love sausage here).

Buy it here.

East End Prints

Belly Rub, East End Prints, £29.95

Quite literally brighten up your walls and put a smile on your face with this sunshine belly rub print.

Buy it here.


Still Growing, Etsy, £10

Celebrate the journey to self acceptance and how you’re constantly changing with this reassuring piece on Etsy.

Buy it here.


Be You Wall Art, Etsy, £3.83

Well, who else are you going to be? You won’t forget this in a hurry if you see it everyday at home.

Buy it here.

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