There's A Weird Link Between People Who Seek Closure And Those Who Ghost

Things are about to get VERY hypocritical.
Cazimir Oltean / 500px via Getty Images

If you have a high need for closure from others, we’ve got some bad news. According to a new study, you’re a bit of a hypocrite.

Okay, okay – let us explain.

According to new research published in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, young adults with strong desires to achieve closure with others are actually more like to ghost people.

What’s more, these individuals actually have more negative psychological consequences when they’re ghosted themselves.

Woooooof – hard truths, right?

Study author Christina M. Leckfor, a PhD student and member of the Close Relationships Laboratory at the University of Georgia explained that: “Most of the research conducted on ghosting so far has examined the experience of the person being ghosted, but we were more interested in the individual traits or characteristics that might make someone more or less likely to use ghosting to end a relationship, and that would make being ghosted more or less painful.”

And, after surveying 553 participants, the research team found that people who had a stronger need for closure were more likely to end friendships and romantic relationships via ghosting behaviours.

But how does that work? Well, researchers deduced that using ghosting to end a relationship might not create ambiguity for the person ending the relationship.

The person in control of ending the relationship knows that they have no intention of carrying on any form of communication, which provides them with their own version of closure.

Speaking to PsyPost, Leckfor said: “Contrary to our prediction, we found that young adults who had a high need for closure were actually more likely to intend to use ghosting to end a relationship than those with a low need for closure.

“It seems that although ghosting can leave the relationship in an ambiguous state for the person being ghosted, the person who uses ghosting may see that as a distinct end to the relationship.”

So, the next time you think about ghosting someone, it’s time to be brave and actually speak to the other person about your decision to end the relationship. Boo.