12/07/2016 11:41 BST | Updated 13/07/2016 10:02 BST

Theresa May’s New Cabinet: The MPs Who Could Be Running The Country Under The UK’s New Prime Minister

If the events of the past few weeks have proved anything, it’s that predictions are for mugs.

Despite that, here are HuffPost UK’s educated guesses at who could be taking the top jobs under Theresa May.

There is room for Boris Johnson and Andrea Leadsom, but Michael Gove could find himself sitting by his phone for a long while.

  • Chancellor - Philip Hammond
    Chancellor - Philip Hammond
    Susan Walsh/AP
    The current Foreign Secretary is an ally of Theresa May, and vocally backed her in the leadership contest. Having already served at Transport, Defence and now Foreign, he has the experience needed for one of the biggest jobs in Government
  • Foreign Secretary - Liam Fox
    Foreign Secretary - Liam Fox
    Anthony Devlin/PA Wire
    With a Remain Prime Minister and a Remain Chancellor, May may feel she needs a Brexit Foreign Secretary in order to calm the nerves of Tory supporters who voted Leave. Liam Fox has Cabinet experience after his stint as Defence Secretary, and after his own leadership bid failed he threw his support behind May.
  • Home Secretary - Amber Rudd
    Home Secretary - Amber Rudd
    Suzanne Plunkett / Reuters
    Amber Rudd has out battling for May on the airwaves, and although she has not been a huge success as Energy and Climate Change Secretary she could well get a promotion. May will be keen to get gender balance in the top four jobs, and Rudd has shown she is not afraid to take on a battle...just ask Boris about those TV debates!
  • Education - Anna Soubry
    Education - Anna Soubry
    Yui Mok/PA Wire
    If Theresa May is serious about promoting the life chances of the most disadvantaged in society, she is going to need a no-nonsense figure at Education to push on with school reform. Anna Soubry's star has risen in recent months, and despite her sometimes confrontational demeanor, she is able to bring people together - a useful skill when dealing with the various teaching unions. 
  • Justice - Damian Green
    Justice - Damian Green
    Steve Parsons/PA Archive
    As a former Minister for Policing and Criminal Justice, Damian Green would be the perfect man to succeed Michael Gove. He has the experience to do the job, and is also a close ally of Theresa May.
  • Brexit Secretary - Chris Grayling
    Brexit Secretary - Chris Grayling
    Jonathan Brady/PA Wire
    Chris Grayling ran Theresa May's leadership campaign, and also played a vital role in persuading David Cameron to allow ministers to campaign with their conscience during the referendum. An avowed Brexiter, Grayling was tasked with liaising with the various campaign groups during the Referendum - not an easy task. His support for May could see him rewarded with one of the most vital roles in Government over the next few years. 
  • Work and Pensions - Stephen Crabb
    Work and Pensions - Stephen Crabb
    Stephen Crabb has only been in post at the DWP for four months, and there is no reason to move him so soon. He shares Theresa May's focus on so-called Blue Collar Conservatism.
  • Health - Justine Greening
    Health - Justine Greening
    Carl Court via Getty Images
    After the debacle of the junior doctor contract dispute, May could use this opportunity to get rid of Jeremy Hunt as Health Secretary. Justine Greening, a strong supporter of May, has performed well in the slightly under-the-radar role of International Development Secretary - a skill which May may welcome at Health.
  • Defence - Michael Fallon
    Defence - Michael Fallon
    Rick Findler/PA Wire
    The very definition of a safe pair of hands, Michael Fallon is also known as the 'Minister for the Today programme' such is his composure in front of the media. With the UK currently involved in military operations in Iraq and Syria, May could decide to keep Fallon in place to provide continuity. 
  • Leader of the House - Jeremy Hunt
    Leader of the House - Jeremy Hunt
    Stefan Rousseau/PA Wire
    Jeremy Hunt may not be universally loved in the country, but he his respected in the Commons for his performances at the Despatch Box. Putting him as Leader of the House will allow to oversee the crucial redevelopment of the Palace of Westminster, without prompting any strikes,
  • Chief Whip - Mike Penning
    Chief Whip - Mike Penning
    Anthony Devlin/PA Archive
    Currently a junior minister in the Home Office, Penning is a popular figure among Tory MPs. His straight-talking style would be well suited to the role of Chief Whip, and May knows she can trust him.
  • International Development - Karen Bradley
    International Development - Karen Bradley
    Steve Parsons/PA Archive
    Another Home Office Minister who could be rewarded by May. If Justine Greening is moved from DFID, Bradley could well be given the role, especially given her work tackling FGM. 
  • Business - Sajid Javid
    Business - Sajid Javid
    Anna Gowthorpe/PA Wire
    His handling of the Tata Steel crisis prompted much criticism, but Theresa May may feel that given the uncertainty in the business world because of Brexit, some continuity in the post may provide a degree of stability.
  • Culture, Media and Sport - Boris Johnson
    Culture, Media and Sport - Boris Johnson
    Matt Dunham/AP
    Is there a more suitable person to run the Ministry of Fun? The former London Mayor has had a topsy-turvy few weeks, but a seat in Cabinet - if he wants it - is surely on the cards. If Theresa May does want to push on with fundamental reforms of the BBC, then who better to convince the public of their merits than Boris Johnson?
  • Energy - Priti Patel
    Energy - Priti Patel
    Hannah McKay/PA Wire
    Another Brexiter who did herself no harm in the referendum campaign, Priti Patel could finally find herself made a Cabinet member proper. Seeing as a large part of this brief is arguing with the EU over energy rules, Patel would be well suited for the challenge until the UK actually quits the organisation.
  • Chief Secretary to the Treasury - Andrea Leadsom
    Chief Secretary to the Treasury - Andrea Leadsom
    Matt Crossick/Matt Crossick
    Her leadership challenge ended with a whimper, not a bang, but May may want to reward her for calling off a nine week contest. She served in the Treasury for 13 months before becoming Energy Minister, and May could send her back there to show there are no hard feelings.
  • Communities and Local Government - Greg Clark
    Communities and Local Government - Greg Clark
    Isabel Infantes/EMPICS Entertainment
    Greg Clark has only been in post just over a year, and with house building set to be a major focus of May's administration, she will want someone in place who knows the lie of the land - literally. Clark has already shown willingness to allow some building on Green Belt areas, proving he is not afraid to take tough decisions.
  • Transport - Liz Truss
    Transport - Liz Truss
    Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire
    Liz Truss backed Theresa May for the top job early on in the contest, and she may be given a slight promotion from Defra to Transport. With HS2 - and HS3 - on the horizon, it would be a change for Truss to show she is capable of making tough decisions
  • Environment and Rural Affairs - Nicky Morgan
    Environment and Rural Affairs - Nicky Morgan
    Nick Ansell/PA Wire
    As a close ally of Michael Gove, Nicky Morgan is unlikely to be rewarded for her support of the Justice Secretary in the leadership contest. Axing her from the Cabinet entirely would be an aggressive move, so a move to Defra would keep her onside, but not at the top table
  • Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office - Larry
    Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office - Larry
    Frank Augstein/AP
    Despite rumours he sleeps on the job, Theresa May would be making a huge mistake to move Larry from his position as Chief Mouser. Popular across the country, Larry has often stayed above party politics and focused on the job at paw. Purr-fect for the role.