13/06/2017 09:13 BST | Updated 13/06/2017 13:25 BST

Theresa May's 'Leaving Drinks' Are Proving Seriously Popular

Someone make sure it's in her diary.

It’s always nice to give people a good send-off when they leave their job, so it’s great to see Theresa May’s leaving do is going to be well-attended.

There may be the teeny tiny issue that she probably doesn’t know about it or indeed that fact that she is supposedly leaving but hey, we’ll cross that bridge when we get to it.

A Facebook event, showing the drinks being held at Westminster’s Red Lion pub, had more than 47,000 people marked as attending by Tuesday morning.

PA Wire/PA Images
Lots of people want to give Theresa May a good send-off

The event description read: “It has been a difficult year for Theresa as PM. Let’s all give her a happy send off.

“If the page just mysteriously disappears then please arrive in the evening at the venue which was on the page at the time of disappearance.”

Unsurprisingly, the event page also became a depository for such material as this...

It comes after Theresa May’s most senior adviser admitted that public anger over austerity and Brexit cost the Tory party seats in the general election.

Gavin Barwell, who lost his own seat in London to Jeremy Corbyn’s “surge”, said that Labour had “tapped into” concerns about years of public sector pay freezes and other Government cuts.

Speaking before he was appointed as the PM’s new chief of staff, he told the BBC’s Panorama programme that his party had to do more to listen to voters’ worries about both austerity and the direction of Brexit.

May finally apologised to fellow Tory MPs for the conduct of her election campaign this week, which saw her party win 42.4% of the vote but lose its overall House of Commons majority.

The failure of her snap election gamble resulted in a fierce backlash among some MPs and forced her to seek to form a minority government with the support of the Democratic Unionist Party.