General Election Strops, Sulks And Temper Tantrums Show British Politicians In The Worst Possible Light

Politicians aren't always totally in control of their tempers.

Elections are a time of high passion - but sometimes all that campaigning can get a bit much, even more the most seasoned of politicians...

It all gets a bit shouty on Sky News

You’d be forgiven for thinking we’d gone back to the schoolyard but no, this was actually foreign secretary Boris Johnson getting rather het up while discussing the need for a leaders debate in the run-up to this year’s general election.

At one point Sky News’ Adam Boulton had to physically try to get BoJo’s attention to stop him rounding on Labour campaign chief Andrew Gwynne.

Both got rather shouty and when Boulton tried to move the segment on, Johnson continued to gesticulate wildly and attempt to interrupt.

Not hugely dignified, admittedly.

Jeremy Corbyn Loses His Patience

The Labour leader lost his rag with the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire when she repeatedly asked him if he thought Labour could win a snap election.

Derbyshire asked the question five times, with Corbyn responding “we believe we can win” each time before he finally snapped.

He responded angrily: “We’re going to take our case out to the country. We’re very confident of the support we can get in order to win an election, to take our case to the British people.

“Don’t underestimate the support there is for the Labour Party, don’t underestimate the anger there is out there at the levels of inequality and injustice within our society.”

Tory Candidate’s Sweary School Appearance

James Heappey told a teenage schoolgirl to 'fuck off'
James Heappey told a teenage schoolgirl to 'fuck off'
James Heappey

A Tory election candidate had to apologise for telling a teenage girl to “fuck off” for backing Scottish independence.

James Heappey, who represented the Wells constituency in Somerset, said his outburst at a debate with sixth-formers was only meant as a “joke”.

Heappey denied claims he had told the girl to “fuck off back to Scotland”.

Read the full story here.

Election Expenses Cause Intense Offence

Expenses for the 2015 general election landed the Conservative Party in hot water (and with a £70,000 fine).

But when a Sky News reporter tried to question party chairman Patrick McLoughlin about the issue outside Parliament after being refused an interview, things got rather heated.

McLoughlin angrily tried to grab reporter Darren McCaffrey’s phone out of his hand and refused to answer any of his questions.

He then walked back into the Palace of Westminster.

Ted Heath’s Long Haul Strop

Former Prime Ministers Baroness Margaret Thacher and Ted Heath
Former Prime Ministers Baroness Margaret Thacher and Ted Heath
Jeff Overs via Getty Images

When Ted Heath lost a Tory leadership election against Margaret Thatcher, he threw the world’s longest wobbly.

Heath was leader when he was challenged by Thatcher in 1975 and was left with his tail between his legs when she beat him.

He then entered what has been described as “the longest sulk in history”.

He was accused by Thatcher of persistent disloyalty and she never invited him to official dinners.

Jeffrey Archer Gets Nasty

Archer was caught on camera snarling about how the BBC made documentaries.

The then-Conservative candidate fight to become the first elected Mayor of London was heard furiously warning the Beeb: “You wait till I’m Mayor. You’ll find out how tough I am.”

He did not become Mayor but instead had to resign his candidacy in 1999 after it emerged that he had lied in his 1987 libel case. He went on to be imprisoned for perjury and perverting the course of justice.

John Nott’s Not Impressed

Okay, admittedly this one isn’t an election strop but it has become a legendary political tantrum.

The then-defence secretary was being questioned about the recent Falklands conflict when Sir Robin Day labelled him a “here-today-gone-tomorrow politician”.

Day also asked if the public should believe the MP’s statements on defence cuts.

Nott declared the interview “ridiculous”, removed his microphone and left the set.


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