These Are The Best Wines To Drink This Summer – And They're All £10 And Under

The experts have spoken.

With summer on its way, there’s no better time to crack open a bottle of white wine or sparkling rosé. But if - like us - you’ve no idea what to spend your money on, Which has gathered a panel of wine-sloshing experts to find the best mid-priced summer wines. Result.

The panel blind taste-tested 175 wines altogether, narrowing it down to nine white wines, priced between £6 and £10, and eight sparkling rosé wines, costing between £8 and £14.

The winner of the white wine category was Aldi’s The Wine Foundry Avesso 2018, £6.49, with a score of 80%, followed closely by Morrisons’ The Best Grüner Veltiner 2017, £8.25, which was awarded a respectable 78%.

According to the experts, Aldi’s winning bottle packed “an impressive flavour punch” and was described as a tipple that can be easily enjoyed with food or on its own. Either way it’s bottoms up.

In the sparkling rosé category, Co-op’s Irresistible Sparkling Rosé, £8, took top spot, with a 78% score. You’ll be pleased to know it was also the cheapest sparkling rosé tested.

The runner up was M&S’ Graham Beck The Rhona Brut Rosé, £10, which reminded one panellist of champagne. Yes please.

Harry Rose, editor of Which Magazine, said: “Those looking for the perfect wine to sip in the sun will be delighted to find out they can get a Best Buy bottle on a budget, with some of the most impressive wines we tested also being the cheapest.” Who doesn’t love a bargain eh?

To see the full results, head to Which’s website.

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