From Knitting To Travel, These Are The September Resolutions People Are Making

Because the end of summer can be the start of an adventure 🌤

Perhaps it’s the fresher-feeling weather, or maybe it’s the memory of shiny school shoes and a new pencil case, but September still feels like an opportunity for new beginnings.

Instead of New Year’s resolutions in January, more than half of adults in the UK (56%) agree the end of summer is the perfect time to make small changes to their personal life, according to new research from Pinterest.

After waking up from a lethargic, heatwave-induced slumber, people want to make more time for themselves, take on new hobbies, establish healthier habits and create better work-life balance – and we think they may be on to something.

Tempted to make your own September resolution? Read on for the inspo you need.

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Holidays aren’t just for summer and you could nab yourself a great deal with a winter break; one in five (20%) of the 2,000 adults surveyed said they are gearing up to plan another trip abroad.

If you’re sticking to a tighter budget, shaking up your home routine with new habits could be for you. A fifth of people (20%) surveyed revealed they want to spruce up their culinary skills and try new recipes in the kitchen this September, while 15% said they wanted to try a new hobby including sewing, painting and baking.

People also want to make changes to their personal style and overall wellbeing. Much like with January resolutions, fitness came to the forefront, with 38% of people pledging to exercise more frequently.

But if donning lycra isn’t for you, you could join the 18% who said they want to make changes to their personal style, including small hair hacks and trying a new beauty look.

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Transforming your messy bedroom into a zen den is another idea we can really get on board with. More than half (51%) of women and more than one-third (35%) of men said decluttering and re-organising was on their agenda. People also want to give their homes a fresh look with 30% saying they want to paint at least one room in the home with a new colour

Or if all that sounds like too much hard work, give yourself a break and commit to taking sleep seriously until the end of the year. A total of 13% of those surveyed said they want to buy a new mattress, but we’d settle for a few extra early nights.