Revealed: 30 Trending Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids This Year

Monsters Inc is making a comeback.
Yuliia Pavaliuk via Getty Images

There are two types of parent ahead of Halloween: those who meticulously plan their kids’ costumes and have it all ready weeks in advance, and those who get to the 30th October and go, “shit, I need to buy a Halloween costume. Let’s pop to Asda.”

I’m usually firmly in the second camp however this year I’ve had so many emails about Halloween that I can’t really pretend like it’s not happening anymore. I might even order something on Vinted for my toddler to parade about in for the next few weeks. (I know, who even am I?!)

If you’re pondering what to dress your child up as to go trick-or-treating – or perhaps you (or your childcare provider) are throwing a Halloween bash – childrenswear brand La Coqueta Kids has revealed the top 30 most popular children’s Halloween costumes, according to Google search data.

And top of the list is a vampire costume. Nope, I definitely wasn’t expecting that either.

Celia Muñoz, founder and creative director at La Coqueta Kids, has noticed parents are typically shifting away from cute costume choices for their children like cats and pumpkins, and opting for “scarier” alternatives instead.

“This is reflective of the fact that seven out of the top 10 Halloween costumes listed are considered ‘scary’, with the most popular choice of costume, with a three-month search increase of 3100%, being a vampire,” she said.

The 30 most popular costume ideas for little ones this Halloween

1.Vampire costume

2. Ghost costume

3. Bat costume

4. Witch costume

5. Skeleton costume

6. Devil costume

7. Ghostbusters costume

8. Spider costume

9. Pumpkin costume

10. Dalmatian costume

11. Chucky costume

12. Cat costume

13. Monsters Inc costume

14. Jack Jack Incredibles costume

15. Dinosaur costume

16. Sulley costume

17. Harry Potter costume

18. Olaf costume

19. Groot costume

20. Chicken costume

21. Duck costume

22. Woody costume

23. Newborn Woody costume

24. Baby Yoda costume

25. Teddy bear costume

26. Lion costume

27. Baby Shark costume

28. Sheep costume

29. Octopus costume

30. Pirate costume

There’s no denying the influence of children’s TV and film in this list, with 12 out of the 30 costumes listed related to Disney or Universal characters such as Woody (from Toy Story), Monsters Inc characters (likely influenced by the film’s recent debut on Disney+), and Dalmatians.

“According to Market Watch, in 2022, the most popular Halloween costume was Paw Patrol, so it is interesting to see how this year we have seen search trends shift to more traditional costumes and how this trend evolves in the coming year, especially with the influence of new TV/film releases,” added Muñoz.

And if all else fails, this dad’s genius Halloween costume for his son is fairly easy to recreate.