These Dancers With Disabilities Are Proving Anyone Can Dance

"Even people in wheelchairs can dance."

A group of dancers with disabilities is taking part in a photography exhibition to prove anyone can dance - and to encourage others to say “yes I can”.

The project, called 11 Million Reasons, was thought up by the People Dancing charity, to “positively profile” deaf and disabled people who dance, and “desegregate” them from anyone else who dances.

All the dancers were photographed reimagining famous dance moments, from Gene Kelly singing in the rain, Moira Shearer as a young ballerina in The Red Shoes and *that* lift from Dirty Dancing.

“I didn’t have any confidence,” says Stephen, a wheelchair dancer. “I wouldn’t speak to anyone and I certainly wouldn’t have done this.”

“All people can dance. Even people in wheelchairs can dance,” adds Luke.

The exhibition, which was photographed by Sean Goldthorpe and has already been shown in Leicester, Gloucester and in Valencia, will be appearing at London’s Southbank Centre, Glasgow’s Gathered Together Festival and Doing Things Differently, in Bristol, in September.

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