Rather than spreading negative attitudes, the government needs to help workplaces make sure their applications are accessible to people with a disability
I had to go to over 50 interviews before I got my job. It was hard and upsetting but I knew why. I have a learning disability
Labour has demanded Philip Hammond publicly apologise - and be sacked if he fails to do so - for blaming low UK productivity
The Chancellor and his fellow cabinet ministers have some important opportunities before them, not least to work together and across Government for disabled people.
everybody banner Jonnie Peacock being on Strictly will undoubtedly generate discussions in living rooms across the UK, discussions about disabled people and dance and discussions about disability in general. This can only be a good thing.
Brooker was widely praised for speaking out, with comedian Mark Oliver hailing it as “one of the best bits of TV of the year
A group of dancers with disabilities is taking part in a photography exhibition to prove anyone can dance - and to encourage